Special pricing of $7.00 per week available to members who commit to 12 weeks of my Body Transformation nutrition and workout program.  

When you purchase your 12 week plan up front, you will receive monthly updated meal plans worth $147 AND monthly updated workout programs also valued at $147.  PLUS, monthly updated Extreme Abs workouts valued at $87, and we'll throw in all our eBooks!  

Today, you also get $25 CLOTHING COUPON to spend on our new clothing line - RAKICH SUPPLY CO - developed by my brother Deen. When you sign up, you will receive a link and a coupon.

You essentially get everything for $7.00 per week!  All you have to do is commit to yourself for 12 weeks.  When you begin to see your results... that's when it gets fun!    

We'll also make sure you get access to our new private Facebook members-only access to the whole team here who are on call to make sure you get results. 

It's not going to be easy, but I can guarantee that it will be fulfilling and rewarding!  



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    12 Week Body Transformation Package (TRAIN WITH JO IN New Zealand)
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    12 weeks
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    $71.00 USD per period